Torusphotographic / Graham A Matthews

Graham A. Matthews BA (Hons) interest in fine art photography builds upon 40 years freelance experience shooting everything from sport to fashion. He has recorded life and death in all its aspects drawing inspiration from family, friends and the growing number of strangers he meets on his travels.

The core of his latest work centres around examining 'perceived truths and harsh realities', whether that's photographing the poor conditions of rural India, or discovering the hidden realities of destruction and pollution all around us.
Influenced by such artists as Joan Fontcuberta, Salvador Dali and SebastiĆ£o Salgado, Graham's work seeks to challenge established beliefs and our preconceived ideas of life, death and reality.

In his travel photography he explores the impact modern life has on our planet, dissecting the needs of people and those of the natural world and presents images that challenge our perceptions.

Graham is an explorer of the unknown, seeking out and illustrating life's fragile balance and mans persistent dominance over nature so inherent in our culture for centuries. He is an observer of human behaviour as well as a willing participant in his drive to understand the truth and whether this really is stranger than our imaginations.